Winning The Lottery: Research, Mathematics And Superstition Satta Matka

Winning the lottery is a dream come true and every time the MegaMillions draw is made, millions of Americans clutch their tickets and hope to beat the 175 million to 1 odds. The majority of people like to trust completely to luck and will either pick numbers randomly or else allow a computer to automatically generate their lottery numbers. The computer quick pick system is by far the most popular but perhaps it would be worth investing just a little time in a lottery winning strategy. All it takes is one lucky night and your financial woes will disappear, never to return.


A strategy worth looking at is the hot and cold numbers system. As you might expect, ‘hot’ numbers are ones frequently picked during past lottery draws with ‘cold’ numbers seldom chosen. Check out the lottery’s website and analyze the draws from the last 6 months at least. It is now up to you to choose how to use the information. Matka You can either pick ‘hot’ numbers and hope they continue their streak or else you can choose ‘cold’ numbers in the belief that they should come up based on the law of averages.


The lottery wheel strategy is an excellent way to win the smaller prizes rather than trying to beat the long lottery jackpot odds. Choose from the full, key and abbreviated wheels. The wheeling system is designed to produce a number of different combinations from the group of numbers you choose. The full wheel gives the most combinations with the key wheel giving the second most and the abbreviated wheel the best choice for those on a budget. If you are in a syndicate, (a group of players) you are better off opting for the full wheel strategy.


After strategy and mathematics comes superstition in the form of numerology. An increasing number of people like to use this system to choose their lottery numbers. Numerology when the lottery is involved entails choosing numbers based on an individual’s birth date as well as the letters of their first name and surname. The first name has a root number which is used, numbers relating to a birth date and time of birth are chosen and the number of letters in an individual’s full name are also picked. Numerology is thousands of years old with several lottery winners crediting the system for their win.


As the winning number for lottery are selected randomly then guessing might appear to be a reasonable way to choose your winning lottery numbers, the problem with this approach is what you think is random guesses is unlikely to be truly random, certain numbers will keep on appearing, numbers that are familiar to you, birth days is a typical example others are ages of your children, house numbers, and all sorts of other numbers that you are familiar with.

So you can see just plucking numbers for lottery out of the air is not so random as it may appear. To generate truly random, random numbers, is actually quite difficult, even most computers only generate pseudo-random (that is not truly random) numbers. So you need to decide to either get more serious about attempting to win the lottery or just have a bit of fun win with the chance of winning big.